Kid’s School

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Providing desks, shoes, oral healthcare, and even lunch!

Our school system has been positively impacted by faith-based initiatives. Currently, our school nutrition program has expanded from serving just two schools to reaching eight different schools across villages in Mozambique. We now assist 450 children, a significant increase from the original 23. Our team includes 22 dedicated teachers, with Pastor Paulo Roia overseeing all activities. Our educational approach includes teaching the children to pray before meals, interact respectfully with others, practice hand hygiene, and wait patiently for everyone to be served before beginning to eat. Despite the young age range of 3 – 5 years, our curriculum introduces them to basic Portuguese and English (including letters and simple phrases), elementary mathematics, numbers, and various stories about Jesus, emphasizing the importance of early learning for lasting knowledge. We hope that these teachings will have a lifelong positive influence on our children.

Additionally, we are supporting a ministry in Brazil that provides a hot meal daily to 95 children. We are grateful for the sense of community and unity this initiative brings, and we give thanks for the blessings and support we have received in these endeavors. We invite you to join us in this sentiment of gratitude.


Sede, Caloeira, Cachigamba, Caphiri Dzange, Moatife, Nhacamba, Phacassa, Mitzanha, Mozambique

GB Missions School Support

The Story

It started with just $50.

That was what was leftover from a construction project, and it was decided to go towards the kids. Now we feed 83 kids a day, and pay 4 teachers to teach!

Your monthly donation of $50 feeds 20 kids per month and helps pay a teacher!