About GBMissions

How it all began….

Our story starts basically with Angela…

Angela is typically a very shy lady. So when she insisted we to go visit a church in Orlando, I was taken aback, but figured it must be a God thing!

So we went to the First Baptist Church of Windermere. The Sunday school teacher, was a missionary from Brazil, just like us. He gave his testimony about Mozambique, and the corruption, the difficulties, the poor housing, and the poverty.

Afterwords, I approached him and offered an old metal building that I would like to send, and he directed me to Pastor Paulo Roia in Africa.

And at that moment, our Mozambique journey started.

After many talks, we learned that it would it cost about $18,000 to transport two shipping containers from my home to their final destination in Tete. Out of curiosity I asked Paulo how much it would cost to build an 8,000 square foot structure, and learned it would be less than $10,000.

Okay, now that is interesting! I can do that!

As we became friends, I found out that he oversees 14 churches. Most of them are in very poor condition, like lacking walls and roofs, and in some cases, no structure at all. As a builder, the situation started to get to me. At the same time, Paulo was sending images of him preaching on street corners, in open fields, and in huts.

One of those locations with no building, was the Village of Caphiri Dzange. I learned that we could help build a brick 30’x60′ church for $1,500, which covered the cement, wood, and metal.

I shared this with Angela, and she was all in. And we completed our first church project in Monzambique!

Not long after that, Pastor Paulo asked if I could help finish a missionary’s home where they hold classes, host pastors from other areas, and house two students permanently.

Again, I asked Angela and again and she said yes, let’s do it.

Upon completion of that home, Pastor Paulo called me and said, “Mr. Guil, I have $50 dollars left over. What do we do with it?” Imagine my surprise!

We learned we could feed ALL the 23 kids with that $50 for a whole month!

Excited with that deal, we spoke with our children, friends and family, and all of them wanted to help feed those kids. So, in just a couple of days, we had $250 a month from donors. Which was God’s perfect work, because with the addition of a meal, more kids were coming to school. We needed more food and more teachers.

Today we feed 83 kids, plus pay 4 teachers!

Over that same time period, I was still receiving pictures from Paulo, and God had me notice the number of people without bibles. Especially noticing Paulo’s crumbling bible, but he corrected me… the pastors actually tear apart their bibles so they can share one.

After that, I understood what God was laying on my heart.

I had to get Bibles to those people.

We did the math, and we counted 1,000 church-goers. That number seemed so big to me at the time. Searching the ways, my brother found an organization called The United Bible Society with a chapter in Mozambique. We received a quote that the Portuguese (their native language) written bibles would cost $11 each. Ouch.

During a visit from Pastor Wes and Darlene to our home, I told him the story, and he generously said Williston Church Of God would help us buy 200 Bibles.

Then I got the calling to go visit Africa. We packed suitcases with clothes crayons, books, pencils, and the love and prayers of Mrs. Angela.

What an experience!

After reception and a shower, we went directly to the Bible Society and I learned they had a special deal. I suddenly had the money to buy 400 bibles!

What really impressed me on that trip, was the reception I received in all of the churches. They gave offerings while they were dancing, singing, and so very happy to give. And it was unbelievable how much they gave!

And the poorest of all the churches I visited, gave so much food and money. They wholeheartedly believe that as they give, they will receive their blessings.

During the 30 hour trip back home, I was reviewing the pictures and wouldn’t you believe it, but God showed me another real need: water.

Would you imagine if you had to walk five miles, one way, only to bring unsanitary water to your home?

When I landed in NY, I immediately called Pastor Paulo to find out how much wells cost. A bit later, he informed me that each well is $5,000.

And we need 14 of them!

Following God’s lead, I started sharing the story with friends, family, clients, and acquaintances. I am happy to report that as of January 2019, we have installed 3 wells! It has not been easy, but God simply keeps opening doors for progress.

In the midst of the construction, bible distribution, and well installations; generous donors were filling other needs, including: 17 soccer balls, 100 flip flops, and 55 dental care packages.

We did not plan for this, but our prayers are that God uses us.

After much prayer, and with the large amount of donations we were using, we decided it best to open a non-profit organization, and “Guil Bombonato Missions, Inc.” was born.

By the grace of God, we are open for business! We need your prayers, and would love you to get involved.

Thank you all and may God bless you.

After 5 Years

After 5 Years God has worked and guided us in much more that we even dream or expected. He also designed for us our motto:

Bible +Church + Water = Salvation or Biblia + Igreja + Água = Evangelização…

Soon God made us understand His vision where they need the Church for services, schools and meetings, the Bibles to learn the Word of God and specially the water, water for cooking, planting, hygiene, drinking and survival…

God opened several doors towards Mozambique but He did not limit our steps allowing us to go to other countries as well. His love for us uses the bad situations to do good though us… You may ask What do you mean?.. I meant COVID… it was a bad deal all around the world, nobody could travel, I could not go to Mozambique; but because I was born in Brazil, I was able to go there. I was invited by Pastor Hidelberto Jr. to visit him and several of the local Churches, plus he organized our first trip to Sertão de Pernambuco, where we fell in love with the amazing people who live there.

Another incredible act of God was our Week of Prayers. Starting with only six Pastors, wanting to Pray for the Covid and the effects in our own countries, in just a few days we had 12 different Pastors Praying in several locations world wide. When we set the dates and hours for that Week, God put together 52 Countries, 450 Pastors Praying three hours per day, an amazing move of the Holy Spirit… With all that going on, we had the opportunity to build a well and a church in Guinea-Bissau with the request from Pastor Matchut Té, we were introduced during the Week of Prayers. Also because of Week of Prayers we met another Pastor in Varanasi, India Pastor Ravi Jaiswal, and God allowed us to send some relief funds and 237 Bibles in their own language… To God be the Glory.

I always say if you do not interfere in God’s Actions and go before Him you will see Miracles, Blessings, Mercy and Compassion of God all the time and God is without a doubt the best Mission Guide you can ever meet. Check on our Stories and you will understand what I am talking about.