• Guil Bombonato

Mozambique Trip - Extras

Michael and I would love to share every second of our trip to Mozambique in October 2018!

Although there are no words that can fully describe the spiritual awakening that happens on mission trip, we can show you some images that will make you smile!

Arrived at Tete Airport!

They won't let us walk on the ground, they create a path with capulanas.

A capulana is a type of a sarong worn primarily in Mozambique but also in other areas of south-eastern Africa. It is a length of material about 2 metres by 1 metre.

Checking on the first well.

This is a welcoming to remember!

The kids were especially excited to see the running water!

Those domes are the ovens where they will manufacture bricks for the next church we are building.

Here's an interesting video of the process.

Standing room only!

Receiving offerings.

Doing a little shopping.

My kids! ❤️


Heading home!

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