• Guil Bombonato

Feeding kids for 10¢ a day.

You've heard the commercials... Feed a child for less than a cup of coffee a day.... Well, it's true..... but there's more to the story.

This project started because we had $50 left over after paying for a construction project.

After rolling around ideas of what to do with the money, we learned that $50 could feed a classroom of 20 kids for a whole month.

A month!

Great. Let's do it now, and on a continual basis.

So here's where it gets interesting. As we were sharing this awesome news with family and friends, we started getting donations. We ended up getting $250 in monthly pledges!

At the same time, I get mildly panicked call from Mozambique, telling me that more kids were coming to school since there was food there.

They needed more food and more teachers! Fast.

I calmed him down pretty quickly letting him know that it is already done. We had enough money.

We currently feed 83 children and pay 4 teachers!

So the ripple effect of a mere 10¢ a day, is having a huge impact on their village and their people.

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