• Guil Bombonato

An Ambulance goes to Nigeria

I have quite a few very memorable experiences where I undoubtedly know it was an act of God.

This is one of them.

In 2016, Pastor Alex Abiola from Nigeria and I became friends, and soon after I started to support him on a few endeavors.

One day, he called me and said, "Brother Guil! God told me to ask you for an ambulance!" I reminded him that I was a builder, and that he could ask me for a 2x4 or a window, but an ambulance? No way.

And he reminded me that God instructed him to ask me. So, very skeptically, I said okay, and went on with my day.

Within the hour, I unexpectedly ran into a buddy, Clayton, wearing a paramedic t-shirt. I asked him if he was the type of paramedic that rides in ambulances, and he told me he was.

I smiled, and went out on a limb, and explained the need for an ambulance in Nigeria, and laughed and said, "you don't happen to know of one that nobody wants around, do you?"

He said, "as a matter of fact, Levy County just decommissioned the old one! It's a long shot, but I'll ask for you."

I got in my truck, and was overtaken with the realization that God weaved together this opportunity so perfectly. Tears filled my eyes, so much that I couldn't even drive.

Two short days later, I received a call from Clayton, and knowing me, he asked if I was driving. So I quickly pulled over! He waited until I was safely off the road, to tell me that we could have the ambulance.

Thank you God!

Four months later, Pastor Alex and Nigeria had their ambulance.

It is a huge blessing to their community and is very well used!

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